How to Swap

1. Log in to your account. If you have not already created an account, Create a new account first.
2. Once you've signed in to your account,go to the My ads section, then click the Add "new ad" button.
3. When adding a new ad, be sure to fill out all required fields.
4. After you finish adding the ad you will see within the ad frame  numbers of ads that are compatible with your ad, you can click on the (compatible ads) and you will go to all the ads that you can request to swap your item with their owners.
5. You can see your requests or requests from others through the (Applications) section.
6. After the two parties agree in the exchange currency, our team will contact you to take all procedures related to the exchange and receipt and delivery of the item to the parties.


No one will be able to see the personal information relating to the owners of the advertisement either before or after the swap process either the first or second parties. Only SWAP 48 and its partners are authorized to view such information to take all actions relating to the exchange and receipt and delivery of the goods to the parties.